You Can Have a Great Booty!

You Can Have the Butt You Have Always Wanted

Do you know the shape of your butt? Chances are, you don’t. 

But it doesn’t matter.  What matters?  The shape of the butt you want!

To find out, get  a mirror and take a long look at that rear. Hardly anyone is blessed with that perfect J-Lo butt, nor can most people start their day with 1000 squats. You can stop fantasizing about how much more confident you would feel if you had the perfect tush.  Few people are born with the perfect heart-shaped bubbly butt and countless hours in the gym is not going to change that.

Luckily, there are aesthetic procedures which are ideal for those who desire a more shapely behind. Often, people want a fuller butt, curvier hips, or just more ‘wow’! 

Go from “Where is her back?” to “Baby got back!”.

The Round Butt, Bubble Butt, or the “O” Shaped Butt

The round or bubble butt is in the shape of an “O” or “cherry-shaped.” Typically, round butts have a fuller appearance with fat around the cheeks and top of the buttocks. Because of its fat distribution, the bubble butt has a rounded appearance. The bubble butt has a rounded effect when viewed from the backside and the side.

Sometimes, however, round butts can become disproportionate and can look “bottom-heavy.” Lifting a round butt in one patient may the key to putting proportion back into the figure. Alternatively, in another patient, reducing a round butt may the procedure needed for anatomic balance.

The Problem: Since the round, bubble butt has excellent bulk at the top of the butt that is well balanced with the bottom part of the butt, too much fat in the butt can make it look uneven to the rest of the body. Butt fat is stored in the upper part of the gluteal muscles rather than the edges. Because fat is stored in the upper area of the buttocks, it is typical for patients with round butts to have visible cellulite around the bottom and sides of their legs.

Type of Surgical Procedure: Many patients with a round or bubble butt desire an even bigger butt. A Brazilian Butt Lift would be an excellent choice. As much as the shape of your butt is respected, the BBL can help you reshape your butt to an even more desired ratio. The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a procedure that uses the fat that is removed from other areas of the body with liposuction (typically the back and tummy) and helps lifts and shapes the buttocks. This transferred fat creates a perkier and more youthful shape. A Brazilian Butt Lift can generate a butt that both sexes will respect and appreciate.

The Square, “H” Shaped Butt

The square butt is the most common butt shape, especially in younger women. Square butts are equal in size from the waist to the hips. Square butts are called “masculine-looking. The square butts also look flat. Square butts are common in patients with either high hip bones or excess “love handle” fat. As a result, the hip bone and outer thigh are in line, rather than tapering to the waist with a smooth curve. The result can be a flat, square butt. Poor gluteal muscle definition can also give the appearance of a flat butt. Square butts are very difficult to reshape with exercise and eating right. Often, square butts require plastic surgery to be reshaped. The Problem: Square butts cause the hip bones to become more prominent. Also, square butts become more prominent because of fat distributed around the “love handle” area. This “love handle” fat can give patients a square shape. Too much fat on the “love handle” area can make the butt appear large, even when the butt is small and flat. Because of the fat stored in the upper region of the hip bones, it is characteristic of square butt patients to have a flat butt. The fat that is carried on top of the hips of the square butt can be a worry for some men and women.

Type of Surgical Procedure: We have found that of all butt shapes, patients with square butts request surgery the most. It is possible in some men and women with a square butt to use liposuction to remove excess fat in their love handles, muffin tops and lower back to achieve curvier, and more desirable shape. If you have fat in the abdomen, fat is aggressively removed from the lower abdomen and lower back which adds definition, and that fat is then transferred to the butt. This string of procedures is called a Brazilian Butt Lift. 

Upside down Heart Butt, Pear Butt or the “A” Shaped Butt

The Upsidedown Heart Butt or A-shaped Butt is considered by many to be the best looking, most desired, and is the ideal butt shape. The universally accepted ideal waist-to-hip ratio is 0.7. Of all butt shapes, the upside down heart butt is the shape that comes closest to this ideal ratio. The upside down heart buttock is considered to be sexy and feminine. The upside down heart buttock has a tapered look from the waistline to the bottom of the butt –hence the “A” shape or “upside down heart” description. Women and men with this butt shape have a small waistline. Also, patients with an upside down heart butt have fat that is stored on the outer thighs below the butt. This combination of a small waistline and stored thigh fat, give an overall upside down heart or pear shape.

The Problem: Too much fat on the bottom of the butt area can make it seem as if your hips are too broad. Unfortunately, as women age, they lose estrogen. This reduction in estrogen leads to fat accumulation around the abdomen and midsection, instead of the butt.

Type of Surgical Procedure: The ideal procedure of choice to correct the upside down butt is the Brazilian Fat Transfer.

The Inverted Butt or the “V” Shaped Butt

Patients with a V-shaped butt have a larger waist and small butt. Patients with a V-shaped buttock have full hips. Their buttocks are fuller at the top compared to the bottom of the buttocks. The large waist and small butt create the appearance of a “V.” The V-shape butt is more frequently seen in older women. This is believed to occur due to reduced estrogen levels. The reduction in estrogen can change the location of fat storage areas. In aging women, butt fat disappears, and abdominal fat accumulates (not fair!). This change in fat distribution can lead to an inverted butt shape where the base of the butt is much smaller than the top of the butt. Unfortunately, due to loss of fat and volume, the inverted butt is also prone to drooping.

The Problem: The V-shape butt lacks volume in the mid and lower buttock. The butt cheek area may appear droopy and small compared to the overall circumference of the butt. Since there is no volume at the inferior border of the V-shaped butt, patients with a V-shaped buttock can have a very unhealthy appearing butt.

Type of Surgical Procedure: The key to refining the V-shape butt with a Brazilian butt lift is to eliminate some of the fat from on top of the butt and inserting this fat in the butt cheeks. This maneuver can create buttock roundness and curvature. Removing fat from the stomach through (Abdominal liposuction) and transferring the fat to the buttocks can also be an excellent choice if there is enough abdominal fat.

So you get it.  Whatever shape you have, a combination of liposuction with fat transfer is the solution. 

You can have the butt you’ve always wanted.

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