What is the Shape of the Perfect Booty?

You Can Have Any Booty You Want!

When it comes to the shape of the perfect booty, everyone has their own preference.  Nonetheless, there are some things that nearly everyone agrees on:

  1. Proportion: The shape of the buttocks should be proportional to the rest of your body. A balanced figure can enhance the appearance of the buttocks.
  2. Curvature: A rounded shape with a slight inward curve at the waistline is considered desirable.
  3. Symmetry: The buttocks should be relatively symmetrical, with both cheeks having a similar shape and size.
  4. Firmness: A firm and toned appearance can enhance the shape of the buttocks.

Luckily, we live at a time where no one has to be satisfied with what she was born with.  If you want to change the size or shape of your butt, come in for a consult.

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