VIP and Botox Membership Perks

Learn More About Our Boxton and VIP Membership Perks

You heard that right! At Bala Better Health, Philadelphia’s Premier Medspa, they are now offering membership packages! With 2 different options to choose from, you can definitely find what’s best for your desires. Let me break them down for you;

The Unlimited Botox Membership

This membership will get you unlimited botox plus 25% off all other services! With a yearly contract, you will need to pay, up front, your first and last months membership fees of $99 per month. This is a deal! If you’re one to keep up with botox very regularly, this membership is for you. If you’re that person who has never kept up with it regularly but has always wanted to, this membership is for you, too! Plus, with 25% off of your other services, you can really take advantage and do something for yourself.

The VIP Platinum Membership

This is the all encompassing membership. If you’ve been waiting for a deal because you want multiple services, this is definitely for you! All medical and aesthetic procedures are unlimited! This includes; botox and other dermal fillers, Kybella, PDO thread lifts, microneedling, laser liposuction, buttocks augmentation, breast lift, vampire facial, and PRP hair restoration! Whew! This is a huge offer! Just like the botox membership, payment for your first and last months are due up front for a 12 month contract.

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