There are 4 Shapes of Butts; What’s Yours?

There Are 4 Shapes of Butts;
What’s Yours?

A great butt is great and while no two butts are exactly alike, there are four shapes that most people fall into.

These categories are determined by general ratios between your waist, hips, and thighs.  Knowing what kind of butt is helpful in terms of helping you pick jeans or underwear, and is imperative if you are going to plan for any butt augmentation procedure.

What Shape Butt Do I have?

Square or H-shaped

If the line from your hip bone to your outer thigh is practically a vertical line, you probably have a square or H-shaped butt.

Some people with this shape often have high hip bones, “hip dips,” or a layer of fat on their flanks (or what some call the “love handles” area).

For your body type, you probably want to avoid underwear that rides up high and instead choose boy shorts, bikinis, or thongs. Skip the low-rise jeans; higher-waisted pants might be a more comfortable fit.

Inverted or V-shaped

The V-shape butt has more fullness near your waistline and less volume in the lower butt cheeks creating a line between your pelvis and hips that angles inward like a V.

You will be most comfortable underwear without high-cut leg holes such as hipsters, briefs, and boy shorts.  You will find them more comfortable, because they provide more coverage for your butt cheeks. You are going to look great in jeans with fuller pockets lower on the back or with fading on the bottom.

Also, consider stretch-fit jeans so your tush doesn’t get flattened out by thicker, rigid denim.

Heart or A-shaped

If you have a narrower waistline and fat distributed in the lower part of your butt or thighs, you probably have an A-shaped or heart shaped butt since your hips and butt cheeks give the illusion of an inverted heart shape.

You’ll probably be most comfortable in underwear with high-cut legs or larger leg holes, such as high-cut panties, tangas, or bikinis.  Consider mid-rise, curvy jeans in stretchy denim fabric to minimize gaping at the waistline.

Round, bubble, or O-shaped

If you have full hips and fat distribution around the butt cheeks, including the upper parts, your butt is described as round, or O-shaped,

For your underwear, you’ll want to look for ones with extra fabric at the back so you get full coverage and minimize potential wedgies. Tangas and thongs should work well.  When choosing your jeans, consider high-rise, bootcut denim jeans with no hand sanding or distressing will look great on you.

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