Reasons Why Botox Didn’t Work

Reasons Why Botox Didn’t Work

BOTOX RESISTANCE/TOLERANCE: For patients who have been getting Botox injections for a long time, they can eventually build up a Botox resistance/tolerance. This is when a patient has built up antibodies against Botox. German researchers have found through studies that 1 in 200 Botox users develop antibodies, making the Botox injections less effective with repetition. British researchers have explained that repeated treatments can trigger an immune response which has the potential to lead to a non-responsiveness to treatment. Botox resistance/tolerance can also cause the body to metabolize the Botox quicker thus making the results not last as long. If it is suspected that ‘resistance’ is your specific problem, a potential solution is switching to one of the other neuromodulators like Xeomin or Dysport (if you have been using primarily Botox).

PATIENT HAS A ZINC DEFICIENCY: If you got Botox injections (and you have not gotten them a lot in the past; at least not enough to have a tolerance/immunity built up) and notice that the Botox did little to absolutely nothing for you, you likely have a zinc deficiency that you are unaware of. This is not very common but must be considered. The only way to make this diagnosis is with the help of the patient’s PMD who can order a Zinc level. If there is a deficit, the treatment is an oral supplement.

METABOLISM; ARE YOU ATHLETIC? Everyone is different! This also means everyone is going to metabolize things differently. If you work out or are pretty active, chances are your metabolism runs at a much higher rate compared to others, and your Botox results are going to fade quicker (because your body metabolizes the product faster).

IT IS YOUR 1ST TIME TO GET BOTOX: If it was your first time to get Botox (or Dysport, or Xeomin), you were probably a little confused when your Botox didn’t last the full 3 months. This is actually very common. Once you get repeated injections, your facial muscles will become more acclimated to the neuromodulator and begin to last you longer. And remember, expect to wait at least five days before you see the results. Be patient.

MEDICATIONS (STIMULANTS): If you are someone who is on any type of stimulant medication such as Adderall/Ritalin for ADD & ADHD (or even for Narcolepsy), or if you are on a stimulant weight-loss medication such as Phentermine, then it is not at all uncommon for your neuromodulator to wear off quicker. These types of medications are stimulants (cigarettes are as well), and stimulants speed up everything in the body and will cause your body to burn through Botox quicker.

THE MANUFACTURER MADE A BAD BATCH: Believe it or not, sometimes the manufacturer of these products accidentally makes bad (less effective) batches of product. And what really is unfortunate about this is that it sometimes gets missed, or we don’t find out it was a bad batch of a product until later on down the road, after several businesses have complained to the manufacturer about the same issue, on the same batch of Botox (confirmed by the same lot number on the product).

YOU MAY HAVE BEEN UNDERDOSED: Everyone is different and what may be a therapeutic dose for many people may barely touch someone else. Also remember, over time your therapeutic requirements will increase.

INJECTOR ERROR: While uncommon, the neurotoxin needs to be injected into the facial muscles. If the injection was too superficial or too deep, you will not get the expected therapeutic result.

Remember your injector cares about you and your aesthetic outcome. Communicate with him and you will certainly find a solution.

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