Building a Rounder, Sexier Booty

You Can Have a Perfectly Shaped Butt

The shape of your butt is defined by the distribution in the fatty layer, and the size of the muscular layer. Exercises all target the muscles of the butt (gluteus maximus and medius). Want the perfect tush, you need to address both.

Building that muscle.

  1. Do targeted exercises: To build a better butt, you’ll need to focus on exercises that target your glutes (butt muscles). Some effective exercises include squats, lunges, deadlifts, hip thrusts, and glute bridges.
  2. Increase resistance: To see progress in building a better butt, you’ll need to challenge your glutes with more resistance over time. This can be done by increasing the weight you’re lifting, adding resistance bands, or using a weighted vest.
  3. Incorporate cardio: Cardiovascular exercise, such as running or cycling, can help reduce overall body fat, which can help your butt look more toned and defined.

To contour the fat layer requires a surgical intervention.  At Bala Better Health, we are a center of excellence for the Brazilian Butt Lift.  This is a fat transfer from a problem area, usually from the abdomen or thighs.  The fat is then processed and reinjected with guidance from you and our aestheticians.  In the end, you are going to have the butt you have always 

Remember, the choices you make will decide that body you have.

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