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One of the most significant advancements in aesthetics is use of real-time ultrasound technology in Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures. This innovative approach makes the BBL safer, more accurate, and more efficient.  Why would you go anywhere else?

How Does Ultrasound Technology Work in Fat Transfer?

Ultrasound technology has been a game-changer in the realm of BBL procedures.  It provides real-time imaging during your BBL procedure, allowing surgeons like Dr. Wilkes to see exactly where your fat is being placed. This an extremely crucial step to ensure your harvested fat is injected into the correct soft tissue compartment, away from the deep gluteal muscle, and thereby reducing the risk of complications such as pulmonary fat embolism.

Benefits of Ultrasound Technology in BBL

The use of ultrasound technology in BBL procedures offers numerous benefits:

1. Enhanced Safety: By providing a clear view of where the fat is being injected, ultrasound technology significantly reduces the risk of complications like pulmonary fat embolism, making the BBL procedure safer for patients.

2. Improved Accuracy: Ultrasound guidance helps to ensure that the fat is transferred to the optimum areas, improving the results of the procedure.  The most optimal area for placement of the harvested fat according to the current surgical literature is the “deep subcutaneous fat” compartment.  Consequently, using real time ultrasound guidance and by directly visualizing the deep subcutaneous fat compartment, Dr. Thornton is able to place the fat correctly and safely.

3. Regulatory Compliance: In Florida, ultrasound guidance is mandated during BBL procedures. While is it not required in any of the other 49 states, at Bala Better Health your safety is of paramount importance so we elect to include this safety precaution.

4. Better Patient Outcomes: With the improved accuracy and safety offered by ultrasound technology, patients can expect better outcomes from their BBL procedures.

1. Ultrasound technology provides real-time imaging during BBL procedures, enhancing patient safety and accuracy.
2. The use of ultrasound helps to avoid injecting fat into the gluteal muscle, reducing the risk of complications such as pulmonary fat embolism.
3. Ultrasound technology improves patient outcomes, by ensuring the fat is transferred to the optimum areas including the “deep subcutaneous fat compartment”.
4. Ultrasound technology is now a regulatory requirement, in Florida ultrasound is required, reflecting its benefit in enhancing patient safety.

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