5 Benefits of Microneedling

How Microneedling Benefits Your Skin

The amazing benefits of microneedling!

First, let’s talk about what microneedling is and how it’s done. You might be one of those people who feels weak just thinking of the word “needle”, but I can assure you, with the measurement of the needle between 0.5 and 2 millimeters in diameter, you will hardly be able to tell it’s a needle at all.  These fine needles create tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin. It’s also known as collagen induction therapy because it’s beneficial in boosting collagen production. This is known as neocollagenesis. We’ve all heard that we start to lose collagen production as we age. This leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.  Now let’s talk about the benefits of this procedure.

1. Boosts collagen

As I mentioned above, as we age, we lose collagen. Collagen is what keeps our skin taught and tight. Producing more of this is helpful in keeping wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin from becoming our nemesis.  More collagen means a more youthful complexion!

2. Improves scars and sun damage

Microneedling can improve scars from things like acne and chicken pox and is also reported to help protect against skin damage from the sun’s UVB rays. 

3. Helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Yup! You heard that right! Microneedling is not just for the face. It can be done pretty much anywhere on the body. It can even be effective in helping to reduce the appearance of stretch marks that show up after weight gain during pregnancy or weight lifting. 

4. Improves benefits of topical products

Immediately following this procedure is the perfect time to apply anti-aging treatments, moisturizers or any other topical products to help keep your youthful glow. The tiny micro-holes are ready to receive and soak in your products better than ever.

5. Shrinks pores

When collagen around your pores is stimulated, the area around each one plumps up. This makes the pores less visible.

Considering all of the advantages of this procedure, there is bound to be something you’d like to improve or help prevent.  Talk to the doctors at www.bbhhealthspa.com to see if you would benefit from microneedling.

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